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Reexamining Our Past
Topics and Issues
for Contemplation and Discussion

1. The Church's Role in History and Culture.
OLD TESTAMENT PROPHETS placed the testimony of God's word alongside the testimony of history and called the past into account. Does the Church have a similar role to play in the cultures and nations of the world? The Church must take the lead in reconciliation by reexamining the past.

2. Why Reconcilers Must Shine a Bright Light on the Old Deeds of the Past.
THE RECONCILIATION MOVEMENT must look to the past as well as to the future. Sins of the fathers are visited upon the generations. History is the soil of culture and must be carefully and prayerfully brought to the light.

3. The Two Faces of the Devil: Liar and Murderer.
JESUS CHARACTERIZED THE DEVIL as a liar and a murderer. (John 8:44) The Devil has deceived us and moved us to shed blood in our nation's and church's past. What is the impact of past violence upon our current-day culture?

4. God and Mammon: America's two Religious Roots.
JESUS TAUGHT about the difficulty of serving two masters. Jamestown and Plymouth are America's two religious roots. Mammon influenced the institution of slavery and the taking of land from native Americans.

5. Manifest Destiny
ROOTED IN BOTH TRUE CHRISTIANITY AND RACIAL PRIDE, Manifest Destiny is based in covenantal confusion - a misapplication of Old Covenant ideas.

6. Unde Malum: Whence Comes Evil?
EARLY CHURCH FATHER TERTULLIAN raised the timeless question - unde malum - Whence comes evil? Evil is a mixture of the Devil's treachery and the sinful hearts of men.

7. Our Christian Heritage.
AMERICA ENJOYS A RICH CHRISTIAN HERITAGE. Despite the presence of evil and the inconsistent and unfair treatment of certain individuals and groups, our nation on the whole is built upon sound Biblical principles to which we, like Israel of old, must return.

Reconciling Our Relationships
Topics and Issues
for Contemplation and Discussion

1. The Beauty of Diversity in God's Creative Design.
GOD'S CREATION IS DIVERSE. He demonstrates His glory through many unique denominations, races and cultures. All are worthy of honor and respect.

2. The Imperative of Christian Relationships.
JESUS PRAYED for His Church to be one so that the world would know that He is the Christ. God is calling His people into genuine, effective, working relationships with one another.

3. The Holy Scriptures as our Foundation for Unity.
FOR CHRISTIANS TO TRULY BECOME ONE, we must acknowledge a higher authority. The scriptures provide not only inspiration but even more importantly, an authoritative model for unity.

4. The Trinity: Our Example for Unity and Diversity.
THE FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT demonstrate perfect unity, function and diversity. Studying the relationship of the Godhead brings inspiration and insight for Christian unity.

5. I Believe: An Overview and History of the Christian Creeds.
OUR CHURCH FATHERS wrote the Christian Creeds. What is the historical context and what was their rationale? Modern Christians have much in common but still need a biblical and historical foundation for the process of reconciliation.

6. The Root of Bitterness
UNRESOLVED ANGER Destroys families, churches and nations. Jesus calls us not only to repent from sin and love one another, He also calls to forgive.

7. The Principle of Identification
"HE HATH MADE HIM who knew no sin to become sin for us ..."(2 COR. 5:21) Some of us still wrestle with bitterness because of past sins committed against our race or culture. We may need for Christians of the offending race or culture to identify themselves with sins of the past - even as Christ identified himself with our sin - in order to find the grace to forgive.

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