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History and the Healing of the Nations

This reflective and inspiration CD and study materials package, based on the Covenant Dance of Nations, helps teachers and students of the Bible and history think critically about our nation's history and its impact upon current and future generations.

Through written materials and accompanying music, readers will be challenged to humbly reexamine our nation's history and our individual hearts. In addition, these materials are provided to inspire us to work to reconcile the long standing wounds which have divided the Church and our nation.

Secure Ordering

The materials in History and the Healing of the Nations are divided into three sections:

  1. Section 1 is offered primarily to activate the student’s muse. Peruse these pages at your leisure and contemplate how our ideas about history shape our larger view of the world in which we live today. The scriptures remind us: “Now these things occurred as examples to keep us from setting our hearts on evil things as they did.” (I Cor. 10:6) If you feel comfortable handling history, you may wish to go directly to Section 2.
  2. Section 2 requires listening to the accompanying The Covenant and the Dance of Nations CD. We recommend that you listen to the entire CD once through to become acclimated to the music, then go back through the songs one at a time and work through the study guide material.
  3. Section 3 challenges us to become actively involved in the process of reconciliation, first by examining our own lives and attitudes and secondly by becoming engaged in new relationships.

Table of Contents

  1. Section 1: Tools for Understanding History
    • Matrix, Mindset, and Worldview
    • The Christian’s Belief System
    • Flow Chart – The Forces of History
    • Relating to History
    • Musings on the Mind
    • Extracting Wisdom from History
    • God’s Sovereignty over the Nations
  2. Section 2: Learning Through Music
    • The Covenant and the Dance of Nations
    • Healing a Wounded and Divided Nation
    • Quotes on Learning Through History
    • A Musical Journey Into God
    • That the World May Know
      • Part I: Reexamination
        • Song No. 1: The Truth
        • Song No. 2: Dance of Nations
        • Song No. 3: The Dawn
        • Song No. 4: The Dream
        • Song No. 5: The Breach
        • Song No. 6: The Divide
        • Song No. 7: The Ruin
        • Song No. 8: The Hope
      • Part II: Reconciliation
        • Song No. 9: The Call
        • Song No. 10: The Way
        • Song No. 11: Holy God
      • Kick These Ideas Around
  3. Section 3: The Road to Healing our Nation - Three Steps
    • Step 1: Reexamination
    • Step 2: Reconciliation
    • Step 3: Rehabilitation
  4. Character Traits of a Reconciler
  5. Becoming a Reconciler

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